First Year Teacher: Math Problems of the Day Activities

math on a chalkboardMy first year teaching was a crazy time. I had nothing. No supplies. No lesson plans. Nada. So, in the summer leading to my first year I decided I would create math activities using PowerPoint and a bunch of word problems.

For hours I sat on my couch and animated math problems (if only I had taken an Adobe Flash course). After eight months and hundreds of hours of work I churned out 75 animated math problems. The best part…my kids loved ’em.

Today, I’m offering the activities through Teachers Pay Teachers.

Fifth Grade Math: Problems of the Day (POD)

Each PowerPoint contains 25 math problems that animate when the user clicks on the slide (or presses the space bar). The first slide tells you which problems are included; the second tells which problem solving techniques are used; and the third gives you a link to every problem.

To use the PODs just visit their Teachers Pay Teachers product page (linked below), download the PPTs, and open the presentations.

If you’re curious about how they work, watch the video below.