Top 7: Days of the Week

Top 7 calendarWelcome to my weekly post RE: 7 things I’m pondering, I’ve read, or that I just want to write about. It’s basically a place for me to write more stupid **** for you to read.

Of the 365 days of the year I have but 7 favorite days of the week. And of those 7 days only one keeps me coming back for more. When I die, I hope it’s on this day. When I am reborn I hope that it is on this day. These are them. These are mine. Go get your own.

  1. Tuesday. Goes by the name symbol for Tuesday and is associated with Uranus.
  2. Thursday. Has but two things going for it: Thor and Thanksgiving.
  3. Monday. According to my mama and papa you cannot trust this day.
  4. Wednesday. Winds-day is the day Judas betrayed Jesus.
  5. Friday. The last of five and very bad when 13.
  6. Sunday. + 12 points for being part of the weekend. -5 because that part is the butt.
  7. Saturday. Leader of the weekend. Has its own gun.