The Hooligans defined punk

Hooligans singer screamingI only listened to the likes of The RamonesThe Clash,  Sex Pistols, and Dead Kennedys (Green Day is not punk and therefore does not count) because a buddy of mine used to blare ’em in his Ford Tempo. I was never a fan, and I’m not really a fan now.

When my buddy took to forming a band I took to listening more. And when I showed up at an evening jam session in the basement of his parents’ house I got hooked. Not on any of the above icons, but on The Hooligans—four dudes that knew how to rock out with their cock out <– not literally, I don’t think. Unfortunately, the band dissolved and I can no longer pay to hear my friend swear at the top of his lungs.

You think I’m kidding about the band’s sheer awesomeness? In 2002, The Hooligans were named one of Indy’s “Top 40 Local Bands” by Nuvo Magazine:

Originally dismissed as Ramones-drenched kids barely out of high school (which, to an extent, they are), the Hooligans are an excellent pop-punk band that’s gotten better and better the more they play. On their horizon: an album produced by The Slurs’ Jim Kuczkowski.

I know right? They rocked! Check ’em out. Here’s a few songs from their album Wearing Out Our Welcome(BTW, if you’re having trouble using the audio player just click the song title). The songs predate The Hooligan’s “big enough to destroy hotel rooms” punk status, but the tunes are excellent.

punk band playing music


Honors Club

Sexy Bitch