Skydiving is pretty darn awesome

two guys walking to a planeSo a few years back my buddy was fixing to celebrate his birthday and decided to get a group together to go skydiving. He called up Carolina Skydiving, shot out an email with the details to a few friends, and the four of us began counting down the days.

I’ve flown airplanes before. That, in itself, is awesome. Jumping out of one is entirely different. And it is arguably more awesome. And after you read and watch what I have to share I think you’ll agree.

When I told my wife she was on board with the plan, initially. Then she asked around, found this article, and began having second thoughts. She didn’t want me ending up like that unlucky fella. Reluctantly she agreed (I think) and the four of us headed west to Jonesville, NC.

We arrived in the early morning hours at a small airstrip. Emptied our pockets, recorded our farewells, signed a waiver, watched a video, paid the fee, and suited up. The guys who ran the shop were laid back, but totally professional. The main dude gave us the instructional briefing about what was going to happen. The only thing I remember

On 3 you jump.

The flight up in the gutted plane was crazy loud. Looking out of the window brought back memories of flight school. Very serene. When the door opened, my dude had me step out and poop suddenly got real. Here I was strapped to another dude hanging out of an airplane at 10,000 feet. Then he tapped me, and said


I thrust my hips forward and the two of us began freefalling at 120 mph. Sweet mother of awesome. For the next 40 seconds I was flying. About 5,500 feet from the ground the dude pulled the chute and I nearly lost my ability to father children. No kidding. The force of the harness yanking up on my junk was uncomfortable, to say the least. That discomfort lasted the duration of the 10 minute descent back to Earth.

The experience was ridiculous. I would totally do it again (and have permission from my wife provided she never finds out).

If you go, let me know. That is, if you make it.