Wedding Anniversary Gift Guide by Year

Presumed married couple exchanging giftsEach year for the past six years I’ve been Googling “wedding anniversary gift guide by year” and each year I have to wade through a fillion websites to find the list. Not any more. I culled the Internet and created this post as a reference. More for me than for you, but you’re welcome to use it. And if you have no idea what this whole buying of wedding gift business is, here’s the short version.

Some time ago you got married. Be it last year or 50 years ago you are obligated to buy your spouse a gift. Thankfully, there are options. You can follow Emily Post’s etiquette guide created back in 1922 and get your hubby a traditional gift, you can opt for a more modern approach, or you can go with jewelry and/or flowers.

Bottom line. Ladies and dudes, you need to get your lifer a gift and here’s a list to make it easy.

Year Traditional Modern Jewelry Flower
1 Paper Clocks Gold Carnation or Pansy
2 Cotton China Garnet Lily of the Valley or Cosmos
3 Leather Crystal or Glass Pearl Sunflower or Fuchsia
4 Linen, Silk Appliances Blue Topaz Hydrangea or Geranium
5 Wood Silverware Sapphire Daisy
6 Iron Wood Amethyst Calla Lily
7 Wool or Copper Desk Sets Onyx Freesia or Jack-in-the-Pulpit
8 Bronze Linens or Lace Tourmaline Lilac or Clematis
9 Pottery or China Leather Lapis Bird of Paradise or Poppy
10 Tin or Aluminum Diamond Diamond Daffodil
11 Steel Fashion Jewelry Turquoise Tulip or Morning Glory
12 Silk Pearl or Gems Pearls or Colored Gems Peony
13 Lace Textiles or Furs Citrine Chrysanthemum or Hollyhock
14 Ivory Gold Jewelry Opal or Gold Dahlia
15 Crystal Watches Ruby or Watches Rose
20 China Platinum Emerald or Platinum Aster or Day Lily
25 Silver Sterling Silver Sterling Silver Iris
30 Pearl Diamond Diamond Lily
35 Coral or Jade Jade Jade or Emerald
40 Ruby Ruby Ruby Gladiolus
45 Sapphire Sapphire Sapphire
50 Gold Gold Gold Yellow rose or Violet
55 Emerald Emerald Emerald or Alexandrite
60 Diamond Diamond Diamond
65 Diamond Diamond Diamond
70 Diamond Diamond Diamond
75 Diamond Diamond Diamond
80 Diamond Diamond Diamond

Gee, I wonder who was responsible for the gifts post-60 years of marriage?